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There is one way of overcoming our ghostly enemies:
spiritual mirth and a perpetual bearing of God in our minds.

--- St. Anthony


For Gin

When I prayed 25 years ago to get over loving you, I'm so glad that God did not answer my prayer.


This is what the Lord says,
He who made the earth,
The Lord who formed it and established it --
The Lord is His name:
Call to me
And I will answer you
And tell you
Great and unsearchable things
You do not know.
--- Jeremiah 33: 2-3

Introduction -- Why Don't I Get What I Pray For?

Chapter One: Is Anybody Out There?

If there is no God to answer prayers, then obviously I will get no answers.

Chapter Two: Mules, Oxen and Skunks

If God exists but he's not available we pray, then I get no answers.

Chapter Three: Does God Have The Clout?

If God is able to answer, then why doesn't he?

Chapter Four: Is God As Mean As A Snake?

If God is cruel, then maybe he's just teasing us when we pray.

Chapter Five: Prayer, What it Ain't; What it is

If I'm not really praying, can I look for an answer?

Chapter Six: Sweet Prayers To An Angry God

If God is Holy, would he answer the prayers of a sinner like me?

Chapter Seven: Maybe God Just Doesn't Care

If God does not like me, would he answer my prayers?

Chapter Eight: What Have I Done That's So Awful?

If God knew what I did that day, would he answer even one of my prayers?

Chapter Nine: What Am I Doing That's So Awful?

Am I doing something or the other which keeps God from answering my prayers?

Chapter Ten: Mountain Get Out Of My Way; I've Got Faith--Sort Of

If I don't have a whole lot of faith, will God answer me?

Chapter Eleven: Conflicting Prayers

If the other guy prays for that and I pray for this and God answers him, then do I just lose out?

Chapter Twelve: What Did You Expect?

If I pray for this and instead that comes, is that an answer to my prayer?

Chapter Thirteen: My Prayer vs God's Will

If I pray for what I want, but God only sends what he wants, then why bother to pray?

Chapter Fourteen: Hurry Up And Waite

If I have an urgent need and pray but nothing happens... what then?

Chapter Fifteen: Hearing A Little Voice

If God did speak to me when I pray, would I hear him?

Chapter Sixteen: Unanswered Prayers and The Prince Of This World

If the devil wanted to keep my prayer from being answered, could he?

Chapter Seventeen: Perfect Prayer

If my prayer isn't worded just right, will God answer me?




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