Ginny And John
Seminole State Park

Bainbridge, Georgia
November, 2007

 To celebrate our 39th Anniversary Ginny and I enjoyed camping in an immaculate, comfortable cabin at Seminole State Park near Bainbridge, Georgia. From rocking chairs on our porch overlooking Seminole Lake we watched ducks and geese feed on underwater plants, red-winged black birds flit among the reeds, and an osprey divebomb fish right at our door.

One highpoint of the trip was seeing a gigantic snapping turtle. Standing on a bridge, I snapped its photo from about 30 yards away; The long-distance photo can’t capture the size, but I estimate the turtle was bigger around than a car tire.

We also saw gopher tortoises, but alas, they scuttled into their burrows faster than I could snap a photo… to be out run by a tortoise says something about my speed.

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