Jacksonville, Florida,
Old Photographs

Every year the Jacksonville Library culls its collections of out of date material and offers these at a book sale. Ginny and I have attended these sales for years and years. The sales offer over a hundred thousand books and items either donated to the library or culled from the shelves.

As a local history buff, I keep an eye out for things related to Jacksonville history and a couple of years ago during one of the sales I acquired this plastic bag filled with old sepia photographs of Jacksonville homes and buildings. The 50 photographs are much older than the bag they came in and the captions are not always correct because many of the buildings shown have been moved or torn down.

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A_Bag_of_old _photos.jpg (1204783 bytes)

Adams_Hotel_1895.jpg (578883 bytes)

Alderman_House_Hubbard St.jpg (672840 bytes)

Bedell_House_1890s.jpg (728378 bytes)

Broward_House_Fort_George_Island_1885.jpg (706675 bytes)

Brown_House_Mandarin_1870s.jpg (604882 bytes)

Dale_House_1870s.jpg (577841 bytes)

Delius_House.jpg (703756 bytes)

Don_Juan_McQueen_House_1791.jpg (721425 bytes)

Durkee_House_1872.jpg (778063 bytes)

Fitzpatrick_House_1795.jpg (532279 bytes)

Flagler_RR_Terminal_1895.jpg (627919 bytes)

Folds_House_Mandarin_1870s.jpg (656413 bytes)

Four_Old_Homes.jpg (650579 bytes)

Ganey_House_1849.jpg (562305 bytes)

Gardiner_House_Hubbard_St.jpg (511609 bytes)

Grange_House_1880s.jpg (728170 bytes)

Holcomb_House_pre1898.jpg (571784 bytes)

Jacksonville_1901_Fire_Map.jpg (705973 bytes)

Jacksonville_1901_Fire_Refugees.jpg (595368 bytes)

Jacksonville_in_1884.jpg (771464 bytes)

Jacksonville_Jetties_1880.jpg (575205 bytes)

Jacksonville_Railroad_Bridge_1889.jpg (591652 bytes)

Jacksonville_Riverfront_1800s.jpg (588304 bytes)

Jacksonville_Trolley_Car_Barn_1893.jpg (546905 bytes)

Jacksonvilles_Hogans_Creek.jpg (697464 bytes)

Jacksonvilles_Treaty_Oak.jpg (751213 bytes)

King_House_Mayport_1880s.jpg (582102 bytes)

Kingsley_Plantation_1804.jpg (580309 bytes)

Kingsley_Slave_Cabins.jpg (783033 bytes)

Mandarin_Community_Club_1870.jpg (710529 bytes)

Mayport_Lighthouse_1859.jpg (883135 bytes)

Mayport_Presbyterian_Church_1887.jpg (528488 bytes)

Rainey_House_1882.jpg (574921 bytes)

Red_Bank_Plantation_House_1854.jpg (685409 bytes)

Ricker_house_1893.jpg (565599 bytes)

Robison_House_Mandarin_1876.jpg (696004 bytes)

SpanishAmerican_War_Battery_1898.jpg (625155 bytes)

Springfield_Waterworks_1880.jpg (609852 bytes)

St_Andrews_Episcopal_Church_1877.jpg (725726 bytes)

St_Johns_Cathedral_after_1901_fire.jpg (700114 bytes)

St_Johns_River_Scene_1880s.jpg (673178 bytes)

St_Lukes_Hospital_1878.jpg (588719 bytes)

Stowe_House_Mandarin_1896.jpg (583122 bytes)

Suddath_House_1880s.jpg (738318 bytes)

Triangle_Farms_Barn_1880s.jpg (759090 bytes)

Trout_House.jpg (706398 bytes)

Wacca_Pilatka_Cow_Ford_On_Kings_Road.jpg (638531 bytes)

Walsh_House_Mandarin_1870.jpg (576878 bytes)

yankee_occupation_of_Jacksonville.jpg (558277 bytes)


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