Jacksonville's Past In A Junk Yard

On January 3, 2006, my youngest daughter and I visited Burkhalter’s Salvage Yard, which may well be the most fascinating place in Jacksonville, Florida. There, Trey Burkhalter allowed Patricia to photograph relics of the city’s past. He said that for over 70 years the company has dismantled old buildings and sold the rescued artifacts. He maintains a website at http://www.burkhalters.com/ where he offers a virtual tour of the junk yard.

Here are Patricia’s Photographs:

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A bucket full of door knobs.JPG (1195336 bytes)

Banisters.JPG (1238398 bytes)

Bath tubs.JPG (1347833 bytes)

Beautiful Stone.JPG (1226537 bytes)

Bed frames.JPG (1165925 bytes)

Blue Pipes.JPG (1145611 bytes)

Brick Pile 2.JPG (1342782 bytes)

Chandeliers on a tin roof.jpg (1258275 bytes)

Color Thingys.JPG (894005 bytes)

Door knobs.JPG (1255991 bytes)

Doors 2.JPG (1227453 bytes)

Glass Bricks.JPG (1204017 bytes)

Ice Tongs and Pullies.JPG (1196781 bytes)

J is for John.JPG (1755678 bytes)

John Amid The Junk.JPG (991016 bytes)

John by a tall door.JPG (634000 bytes)

Kangaroo and Giraffe.JPG (927833 bytes)

Keyhole.JPG (811804 bytes)

Massive Wooden Block.JPG (1343307 bytes)

Music Maker.JPG (1168480 bytes)

Old Rugged Cross.jpg (1341529 bytes)

Old Toy Firetruck.JPG (1150569 bytes)

Roof tiles.JPG (1309144 bytes)

School desk full of water.JPG (1224999 bytes)

Sea of Toilets.JPG (1132491 bytes)

Shadow.JPG (1566896 bytes)

Shelf full of things.JPG (1228688 bytes)

Snarl.JPG (1179308 bytes)

Stack of poured concrete.JPG (1208155 bytes)

Stone Sunflower.JPG (1296864 bytes)

Sunnybunni.JPG (1128606 bytes)

The Head.JPG (747057 bytes)

Tub Feet 2.JPG (1262449 bytes)

Weird Wooden Thing 2.JPG (1357726 bytes)

Windows.JPG (907811 bytes)

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