Views of Jacksonville's Old City Cemetery

The Old City Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida, was established in 1852 on a site donated by Captain Charles Willey at the juncture of Union and Catherine streets. These photos were taken by Donald Cowart on February 19, 2005. For more views of this historic cemetery go to


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A Jacksonville Old City Cemetery Gates.jpeg (1357604 bytes)

Agnus Parramore.jpeg (1190608 bytes)

Angel with Lyre.jpeg (1259386 bytes)

Bent Fence.jpeg (1390837 bytes)

Broken Cross.jpeg (1396026 bytes)

Broken Stone.jpeg (1295337 bytes)

Child's grave.jpeg (1357181 bytes)

Confederate Soldiers.jpeg (1376977 bytes)

Cross and Anchor.jpeg (1346950 bytes)

Detail of Sharpe Monument.jpeg (1357359 bytes)

Ginny approaches monument.jpeg (1366857 bytes)

Grave of Calvin Oak.jpeg (1271655 bytes)

Iron Gate.jpeg (1427814 bytes)

Knight Vault.jpeg (1237267 bytes)

Monument for a Drayman.jpeg (1215206 bytes)

Oval Grave.jpeg (1380662 bytes)

Plaque at Kofi Vault.jpeg (1100172 bytes)

Spanish American War Soldier.jpeg (1353365 bytes)

Squirrel Left Acorns Atop Stone.jpeg (1270922 bytes)

Tree Roots.jpeg (1172831 bytes)

Vandalised Crosses.jpeg (1473847 bytes)

Vandalism in Jax Old City Cemetery.jpeg (1239287 bytes)

Vandalized Vault.jpeg (1364877 bytes)

Weathered Stone.jpeg (1196792 bytes)

Z No Comment.jpeg (1310103 bytes)



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