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The Manatees of Jacksonville

Dozens of colorful manatee statues decorate Jacksonville's streets and parks. Real live manatees, sometimes called sea cows, often swim in the St. Johns River eating water lilies and seeking warm water.

After SuperBowl, 2005, these fiberglass statues, designed by Jacksonville's Sally Corporation and various artists, will be auctioned off. The proceeds are to benefit the Otis Smith Kids Foundation which teamed up with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville to bring Sea Cows for Kids to Northeast Florida.

N.B. The manatee statues were rounded up at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and sold at auction on April 2nd. The highest price paid for one was $6,000.

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John (on right) with a fat manatee.JPG (227261 bytes)

King Neptune of HuManatee.JPG (168986 bytes)

Klingon Warrior Manatee.JPG (107023 bytes)

Mamatee gives baby a swimming lesson.JPG (185723 bytes)

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Manatee in front of City Hall.JPG (163632 bytes)

Manatee On The Moon.JPG (174211 bytes)

Marilyn Waiting for the man of her dreams man.JPG (188398 bytes)

Marilyn's Dream Come True When John Shows Up.JPG (154589 bytes)

Ocean Secret Manatee.JPG (164122 bytes)

Once Upon A Time.JPG (163243 bytes)

Sea-lection.JPG (210627 bytes)

Sun Ray Sea Cow.JPG (208513 bytes)

Tennis Players Andy Roddick & Roger Federer.JPG (268854 bytes)

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