November 1st, 2003



Photos by Ginny.

 Notice her Halo

Setting up


Oval: Planning the day’s work       

   What do you mean the other hundred people aren’t coming!!!

   What will we do with all that food?

   We need volunteers; we’ll take anybody!!!


Cloud Callout: Sybil wants to help too.

Dennis & Miriam suit up a volunteer in safety gear

Ready to work


Mother/daughter team on the job.

Judy chopping weeds


Rick at rest

Rick at work.


David, The Mighty Augur Man

The first hole gets dug

Judy chops more weeds


A cheerleader, who is also an honor student, drills another hole.


More and more trees go into the ground


Hitchin’ a ride

Team work gets the job done


Judy spots another weed to chop

To read John’s diary entry about our 2002 tree planting check out the November 2nd file in “Today In Former Years”.

  For quicker downloading this gallery has been split into two files. To see the rest of the photos, please return to John’s home page then click on Part 2.

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