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Most recently updated 5/2/05

·         A Bible in LARGE PRINT –

·       animals279.gif Live Fish-Cam in Monterey Bay (only works 7a.m. to 7p.m. Pacific time)--

·            Rev. Fun Cartoons --

·          Ten Shekels and a Shirt :

·          20,000 Books On Line --

·          Father/son diaries from both World War II and Viet Nam, plus great computer graphics and helps: --

·         Old Bibles --

·         Illuminated Manuscripts --

·         More Illuminated Manuscripts --

·          Jesters For Jesus --

·          Birds --

·          All about the Roman Empire --

·          U.S. Maps --

·          Wendy Richards --

·         Museum of London --

·          The oldest woman on the web --

·          The Marsh Library (no, not about swamps) --

·             West Wing TV Show --

·         Beautiful Music by Horses (Wait for entire screen to load all 4 horses and a fence in front. Then click each horse; re-click to turn it off or on again. Makes beautiful music). -- 

·          A neat website directory --

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