The Frog

An Excerpt from John Cowart’s Journal:


John W. Cowart

Saturday,  June  22,  2002

More heavy rain today, but Gin & I made a trip out to the library and Dave’s for breakfast. While we waited for the Library to open, sitting smoking on the bank steps, we noticed a tiny frog hopping along the driveway for the automatic teller machines. The frog busily caught bugs unaware of its danger as cars pulled in the drive.

Moved with compassion Ginny went out from under cover to rescue the frog. Since she was crouched down out of any driver’s line of sight to capture the varmint, I went to stand over her so the cars would not squish her as flat as any frog on the highway.

The frog panicked.

Here it was minding its own business in the middle of this vast expanse of concrete and this monster giant hand descends from the sky and tries to grab it.

The frog leapt and twisted and jumped and tried to evade its rescuer. It had no idea it was being rescued! What does a concrete driveway look like to a frog.

Finally, Ginny managed to scoop the frog up and carry it to a bed of begonias away from traffic. She released it among the flowers where it could find more bugs than on the driveway.

The frog was as thankful as frogs can ever be.

I thought of the will of God and how it often frustrates me, “Driveway? What driveway, Lord. I don’t see any driveway”.

And I think about traffic in my universe just as much as the frog does in his.

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