Ginny & John View
The Statues of Jacksonville

Many interesting sculptures beautify the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Earlier this year my son Donald took a photo of the Sailor’s Memorial Statue on the South Bank Riverwalk to use as the cover art for my book Crackers & Carpetbaggers and I became interested in the city’s other statues. In April, Ginny & I borrowed a digital camera to visit and photograph some of them.

--- John Cowart

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A City Plaque .JPG (73863 bytes)

Andrew Jackson 2.JPG (221748 bytes)

Bronze Horse.JPG (1275315 bytes)

Cancer Survivors Park 1.JPG (191811 bytes)

Cancer Survivors Park 2.JPG (191147 bytes)

Cancer Survivors Park.JPG (158012 bytes)

Confederate Park eagle.JPG (234095 bytes)

Confederate Soldier in Hemming Park.JPG (157403 bytes)

Congressman Charles Bennet in Hemming Park 2.JPG (225129 bytes)

Gator in Metro Park 2.JPG (177971 bytes)

Ginny and the Library Owl.JPG (159088 bytes)

Ginny in Hemming Park.JPG (269742 bytes)

Hemming Park column.JPG (208089 bytes)

Horse at appartment entrance.JPG (1165454 bytes)

J.J. Dickison.JPG (225079 bytes)

Jaguar 2.JPG (153206 bytes)

Jaguar at Ah Hell Stadium.JPG (194033 bytes)

JJ Dickison Plaque in Hemming Park.JPG (166027 bytes)

John enters Confederate Park 2.JPG (279533 bytes)

Library Owl.JPG (145426 bytes)

Memorial to Condederate Women.JPG (195720 bytes)

Mermaid statue.JPG (1444674 bytes)

Olympic Gold  Metalist Bob Hayes 2.JPG (160538 bytes)

Replicas of Jax bridges.JPG (254926 bytes)

Robert Burns in Confederate Park.JPG (271363 bytes)



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