Ginny & John's 2005 Garden

In our early spring garden the flowers have not really come out yet; but you can see the Cowarts’ elegant taste in yard art from these pictures. Incidentally, none of this stuff is visible from the street (Ginny’s idea).

--- John Cowart

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Amarillis.JPG (251011 bytes)

Bridge out.JPG (1359423 bytes)

Cement alligator.JPG (1255988 bytes)

Cement Flamingo.JPG (1444805 bytes)

Column.JPG (1296764 bytes)

Cross ties from Jax Trolly tracks.JPG (1440979 bytes)

Cross with Jasmine.JPG (1841048 bytes)

Double tree.JPG (1666006 bytes)

Eurasian ringednecked dove .JPG (975472 bytes)

Fig Tree.JPG (1681977 bytes)

Firecracker Aloe.JPG (1291240 bytes)

Florida Christmas Tree.JPG (314749 bytes)

Garden art by John.JPG (1407877 bytes)

Lantana.JPG (1444894 bytes)

Lost temple.JPG (1613806 bytes)

Maiden.JPG (1392333 bytes)

Old Toys 2.JPG (1353022 bytes)

Old toys.JPG (1562888 bytes)

Pool deck.JPG (1625960 bytes)

President Clinton.JPG (1342052 bytes)

Radiator.JPG (1416948 bytes)

Stump.JPG (1352056 bytes)

Treasure chest.JPG (739392 bytes)

Two fountains.JPG (666702 bytes)

Wisteria.JPG (1197886 bytes)



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