Cowart Family Vacation Pix

 April, 2005

Last month five of my six grown children (Fred had to work) gathered for a family vacation. Backyard cookouts, eating, all night bull sessions, photos, beachcombing, eating, shopping, teasing, caring, catching up, singing, helping, talking, eating, touring, relaxing, exploring, eating  --- Well, you get the picture. 45 of them.

--- John Cowart

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Beachbunny on a cold day.JPG (580989 bytes)

Bird girl.JPG (433243 bytes)

Bringing out the food.JPG (1295929 bytes)

Cold day at the beach.JPG (751156 bytes)

Cowarts feed seagulls, Kennedy on horizon.JPG (523670 bytes)

Cowarts on the beach.JPG (800127 bytes)

Donald in model ship museum.JPG (643766 bytes)

Donald relaxing.JPG (232264 bytes)

Driftwood.JPG (756897 bytes)

Eve & Ginny.JPG (1318501 bytes)

Eve snaps a picture.JPG (616515 bytes)

Eve.JPG (364572 bytes)

Exploring the sands.JPG (615925 bytes)

Flower Girl.JPG (615784 bytes)

Geeks in Heaven.JPG (818378 bytes)

Guys sing all 182 verses of O My Darling Clementine.JPG (1248018 bytes)

Heaven is a lot like this.JPG (769256 bytes)

Jennifer and Pat.JPG (280975 bytes)

John & Eve at museum.JPG (780189 bytes)

John at Jacksonville's finest maul.JPG (685287 bytes)

Johnny.JPG (625962 bytes)

Lost in the woods.JPG (1436471 bytes)

Luring gulls close to crap on Patricia.JPG (597041 bytes)

Motorscooter or piano for sale.JPG (813309 bytes)

My kind of place.JPG (1322086 bytes)

Pat & Jennifer.JPG (629104 bytes)

Patricia & Donald snap pictures.JPG (704015 bytes)

Patricia & Eve at museum.JPG (516299 bytes)

Patricia in model museum.JPG (546322 bytes)

Picnic on a cold day.JPG (703938 bytes)

Randy & Ginny.JPG (258213 bytes)

Randy.JPG (805917 bytes)

Rising moon at lighthouse.JPG (693367 bytes)

Shrimpboats at sunset.JPG (734921 bytes)

Sisters See A Dianosaur.JPG (688839 bytes)

Tsasteful decor.JPG (643932 bytes)

We take a water taxi.JPG (644893 bytes)

Window display at Casket Store.JPG (755997 bytes)

Windy day with gators.JPG (1405586 bytes)

Zats! Back to work.JPG (1416834 bytes)




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