The Cowarts on St. Simons Island, Ga.

March, 2004

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001 St Simons lighthouse _1810.JPG (77291 bytes)

003 Only 129 stairs to the top.jpg (158735 bytes)

004 On the staircase 1.jpg (178837 bytes)

005 Resting half way.jpg (154615 bytes)

006 Ginny makes it to the top.jpg (195368 bytes)

008 Gin amid ruins.jpg (114327 bytes)

009 Ruins of Fort Frederica.JPG (253489 bytes)

01 ruins of Barracks.JPG (244954 bytes)

02 Ruins of fireplace.JPG (283804 bytes)

03 Ruined  vault in Christ's Church cemetary.JPG (299633 bytes)

04 Ruined Inside of barracks.JPG (301314 bytes)

05 Another old ruin.JPG (239570 bytes)

05 Gin spots an orange.jpg (148672 bytes)

06 Gin steals an orange.jpg (118632 bytes)

07 Gin tastes the sour orange st simons.jpg (232933 bytes)

Christ's Church St Simons Island.JPG (309698 bytes)

Gin examines the magazine.JPG (209931 bytes)

Ginny feeds seagulls.jpg (213226 bytes)

Grape vine loop.JPG (212672 bytes)

john at bookstore.jpg (137230 bytes)

Old well.JPG (196908 bytes)

Resting by a cannon.JPG (268599 bytes)

Spring comes to St Simons Island.JPG (266794 bytes)

Where we'd be living now - except for the damnyankees.JPG (199416 bytes)

Yes, it says Mighty Fine.jpg (122000 bytes)


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