John & Ginny's Vacation Trip, August 2004,
to the
Whale Watch Motel,
Flagler Beach, Fla.

"No, I didn't see a single whale, but then nobody harpooned me thinking that I was one -- so I had a wonderful time". --- jwc

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Arrival.JPG (152207 bytes) Bathing Beauty.JPG (183453 bytes) Beer battered shrimp.JPG (162340 bytes) Bird book in hand.JPG (320145 bytes) Carved memorials on pier deck. Look over us as we fish below... Dad, please save some angel fish for us.JPG (224317 bytes)
Coquina.JPG (268092 bytes) Dawn.JPG (93003 bytes) Flagler Beach from the pier.JPG (149007 bytes) Flagler Beach pier.JPG (130898 bytes) Flagler County Museum.JPG (175185 bytes)
Flagler Pier walkway.JPG (134599 bytes) Flagship Park Boardwalk.JPG (174412 bytes) Flagship Park.JPG (162624 bytes) Florida Wood Spider.JPG (138214 bytes) Flowers called Ox eyes.JPG (291420 bytes)
Ginny looks at Confederate Money.JPG (146053 bytes) Ginny The Jungle Girl.JPG (300696 bytes) Gray Kingbird 2.JPG (107909 bytes) Kids surfing.JPG (148059 bytes) Makes you think...A church sign near beach _1094.JPG (241869 bytes)
Mr Racoon says, Post No Signs.JPG (231516 bytes) New Friends Pete, Debbie & Zoe at Whale Watch Motel.JPG (47352 bytes) Pelicans in formation.JPG (60849 bytes) Pier Fishing in the dark.JPG (45268 bytes) Reflection.JPG (101022 bytes)
Sea turtle nest.JPG (187834 bytes) Shrimp boat at dawn.JPG (55110 bytes) Take Me To Your Reader... All inteligent life reads.JPG (41896 bytes) The fish is not  leaping from my ear.JPG (147965 bytes) The only whale we saw.JPG (166470 bytes)
Together.JPG (76360 bytes) Whale Watch Inn, Windblown.JPG (187265 bytes) Whale Watch Motel, Dolphin lamp 1.JPG (150941 bytes) What's this plant.JPG (117201 bytes) Windblown .JPG (156895 bytes)

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