Ginny & John’s November, 2003, vacation
at Port St. Joe, Florida, State Park

One day we strolled on the beach for six hours without even seeing another human being!

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A Beauty & Beast.JPG (138235 bytes)

Aa Spanish galeon exhibit in State Museum.JPG (181147 bytes)

B John with empty  boxes.JPG (227710 bytes)

C Ginny surprizes a deer.JPG (233148 bytes)

D How many deer in the woods.JPG (337322 bytes)

Da Baby armadillo.JPG (228384 bytes)

E A shrimpboat named God's Blessing.JPG (221950 bytes)

Eb Estuary pelicans.JPG (202067 bytes)

F Our cabin.JPG (249275 bytes)

Fa John, on the right, at Wakulla Springs where Creature movies were filmed.JPG (163226 bytes)

Fb Warm hearth.JPG (210443 bytes)

G Dunes.JPG (147632 bytes)

Ga On the beach.JPG (148754 bytes)

H Windblown.JPG (207181 bytes)

I We strolled to furtherest point.JPG (146300 bytes)

J Roosting Osprey.JPG (78967 bytes)

K Smoketrees.JPG (318765 bytes)

L Florida holly.JPG (296282 bytes)

M Dunes.JPG (213042 bytes)

N More dunes.JPG (155749 bytes)

O Red algae in pond clings to gators skin making them into red dragons.JPG (269635 bytes)

Oa Trinigy Episcopal Church.JPG (163917 bytes)

P Sunrise from our cabin.JPG (95801 bytes)

Q Watching turtles.JPG (276224 bytes)

R Ginny tries to figure out how to pay for the trip.JPG (157465 bytes)

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